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Ie6 Cut Down | Code for Ie6 upgrade warning

We know that, Now days ie6 making big head ache to most of web developers, spending too much time supporting it. We are here to help you . Join us to cut down ie6 and redirect users to a modern browser. Follow these 2 steps to help your web site visitors (and you!) and be free from ie6.

Step 1 : Copy and paste this code into the body of your website.

<!--[if lte IE 6]><script src=""></script><script>window.onload=function(){e("")}</script><![endif]-->

Step 2 : Check that following message shows up in Internet Explorer 6 only on your site.


  • If you are join with us to cut down Ie6, for time saving and better web browsing . Pls email your logo to us, we will display it along with your home page link.
  • Tell your friends to join with us. Share this site.

  • Microsoft's message about "Why move off of Internet Explorer 6?"

    “The web has changed significantly over the past 10 years. The browser has evolved to adapt to new web technologies, and the latest versions of Internet Explorer help protect you from new attacks and threats.
    We recommend that Internet Explorer 6 users upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer for a safer browsing experience. ”